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Total Rehabilitation Systems LLC

Where Healing Begins.

For anyone who struggles with drugs or family problems or just anything in life. Our services help people overcome the issues in front of them not feel so alone…


What We Have To Offer

Total Rehabilitation Systems, LLC is an health care organization with primary practice that functions as a Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Provider, that provides Mental Health, Physical Theory, Home Health Care, Health Meals, and Medical Equipment Services


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  • Monday9AM - 5PM
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  • Wednesday9AM - 5PM
  • Thursday9AM - 5PM
  • Friday9AM - 5PM
  • After Hours
  • Monday - FridayOn-Call
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Why choose us?

Whether you have just completed rehabilitation, have a medical condition, or a simply interested in improving your health. TRS has programs to meet your needs.

There is never a "one size fits all" approach at TRS. Because our mission is to help each patient reach maximum recovery, we offer the highest quality rehabilitation health care services appropriate to one's individual needs

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Meet The Founder

Dr. Amy Ellis

Dr. Amy Ellis established her own company Total Rehabilitation Systems LLC in 1997 providing Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Social work and Home health aide/caregiver services.

She is also co- owner of Amplified Home Health LLC which provides home health services throughout Western Pennsylvania. Amy has dedicated her life to serve others addressing the physical, emotional and mental needs of all individuals.

Amy Ellis is a resident of Harrisburg PA, though born and raised in Western PA from a small town Aliquippa PA. She is graduate of Allegheny College receiving a BA in Psychology, graduate of Waynesburg University receiving a MA in Counseling Psychology, graduated from Temple University receiving a BS in Occupational therapy, completed doctoral course work in Occupational therapy from Chatham University. Proud mother of 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Doctor Ellis brings with her over 21 years of experience in rehabilitative services. Her excellence in the field has enabled her to work with many major hospitals and agencies in the Pittsburgh area, and her dedication to innovation has led her to desire a Portion Plate and oxygen equipment.

As a distributor/consultant for therapeutic certified pure essential oils and low vision products, that have been researched and proven to be effective. Dr. Ellis incorporates an interdisciplinary approach that produces results and provides quality health care.